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During the months of April and May, 2020 over 1,000 members of the Bright Morning community came together to engage in our first ever Coach's Toolkit Virtual Summit. It was an amazing learning where word of mouth resulted in more and more participants asking to join all the way to the very end despite missing the first month+ of learning! 

In response to this demand, we've packaged the session recordings so you can build your toolkit by accessing this learning on your own time! 

Here's what you get: 

16 Exclusive Learning Sessions (recordings): 

  • Developing Your Inner Power as a Coach: The Coach Ways of Being with Elena Aguilar
  • Going Virtual: Powerful Conversations When We’re Far Apart with Lori Cohen 
  • Coaching and Leading in times of Crisis: Building Courage and Resilience with Elena Aguilar
  • Transformational Coaching Demonstration: Coaching for Resilience with Elena Aguilar
  • Integrating the Coaching Lenses Into Conversations with Elena Aguilar
  • Coaching for Managers: Navigating Power Dynamics with Lori Cohen
  • Mind the Gap: Balancing Asset-Based Coaching with Targeted Support for Adult Learners with Elena Aguilar
  • Transformational Coaching Demonstration: Leadership Coaching with Lori Cohen 
  • The Art of Using Data: The What, How and Why of Collecting with Elena Aguilar 
  • Uncovering and Coaching With Your Client’s Core Values in Mind with Elena Aguilar
  • Coaching with a Systems-Thinking Approach with Elena Aguilar 
  • Transformational Coaching Demonstration: Coaching Resistance with Elena Aguilar
  • Make Every Conversation Count: Best Practices for Conversation Planning with Lori Cohen 
  • What to do When You Don’t Know What to Say with Jessie Cordova
  • Ladder of Inference: Interrupting and Shifting Inequitable Beliefs with Elena Aguilar 
  • Transformational Coaching Demonstration: Coaching for Equity with Elena Aguilar

2 Recorded Q&A Sessions

Downloadable, unpublished coaching tools exclusive to the Summit 


Anyone looking to build their coaching toolkit will benefit, but if you haven't read one of Elena's books or attended a Bright Morning event, we recommend considering starting with The Art of Coaching 101 as the Summit jumps in to more advanced coaching topics assuming foundation knowledge is already in place. 


You will have unlimited access to all materials for 90 days. 


$275 per person payable by credit card. 

To register 3 or more attendees or to pay by invoice, click here.


Refunds requested within 48 hours of registering will be honored minus a $50 cancellation fee. 

About the instructor

Founder & CEO, Bright Morning Consulting

Elena Aguilar

Elena has trained thousands of educators across the United States and abroad in transformational coaching. She is the author of six highly acclaimed books: The Art of Coaching, (2013) and The Art of Coaching Teams, (2016) Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators (2018) and the Onward Workbook (2018), Coaching for Equity (2020), and the Art of Coaching Workbook (2020). Elena also is co-author of The PD Book: 7 Habits That Transform Professional Development (2022), where she and Lori Cohen share the most essential strategies for designing and leading equitable professional development. Elena’s expertise derives from twenty five years as a classroom teacher, instructional coach and leadership coach working in diverse school environments. In her role as a consultant, she has partnered with leaders in public and private organizations across the United States and abroad. Elena is also the co-founder of Kenya Big Picture Learning, and she’s on the advisory board of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. Elena lives in Oakland, California, with her husband, son, and two cats. When she’s not coaching or writing she enjoys traveling abroad, photographing birds, hiking, drinking coffee and reading fiction.

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