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Wednesday, February 9 and Thursday, February 10, 2022

  • 11:30am - 1:30pm Eastern // 8:30am - 10:30am Pacific
  • 2:30pm - 4:30pm Eastern // 11:30am - 1:30pm Pacific

This learning experience includes 3-5 hours of pre-work before the two-day virtual live engagement. Each day has 2 learning blocks with an hour break in between.

All virtual-live sessions (except breakouts) will be recorded in the event you cannot make a session or if you would like to rewatch at a later time. Participants have access to content for 30 days after the learning experience to help supplement learning. 


  • Individual: $650
  • Group of 6+ paying together: $550 each

To receive the group rate, pay by invoice, or if your organization requires you to complete a purchase order, please complete our Group Order/Invoice form


  • Participants must have a copy of The Art of Coaching Workbook.
  • 3-5 hours of pre-work will be drawn from the book.
  • This book is NOT included in the course pricing. 


Do you coach teachers who cry a lot or are often overwhelmed? Or teachers who often experience strong emotions like frustration or fear and don't know how to navigate them? Perhaps you are a coach or a school leader who really wants to focus on instruction and curriculum and feels like emotions get in the way of doing so. Or perhaps you are a coach or leader who recognizes the value and wisdom of emotions, but you're not sure how to talk about them in a school setting. 

When it comes to emotions at work, people usually fall into one of two camps: they suppress them or are overtaken by them. Both responses to emotions can lead to toxic cultures and fail to create environments where everyone is able to show up, be seen, and thrive. 

There's a better way to respond to emotions. And in two days we can teach you how. 

This workshop will guide you in using a simple three-part framework to coach someone in understanding their emotions, processing them, and moving through them. You don't need to be a therapist or have an extensive tool set to coach around emotions, and this workshop will show you how to do that. In addition, you'll quickly see how coaching emotions can clear space for an educator to explore their practices and look at equity issues that might need attention. 

This workshop is designed and facilitated exclusively by Elena Aguilar


Participants will: 

  • Learn to use a simple framework to navigate complex coaching conversations 
  • Understand how to help a client explore their emotions and move through them 
  • Appreciate what can be learned from coaching emotions 
  • Learn how coaching emotions can accelerate an educator's growth 
  • Feel confident in their ability to coach emotions


  • Small group discussions
  • Mini-practice experiences
  • Direct instruction
  • Demonstrations


  • Coaches, mentors, site leaders, teacher leaders, and organizational leaders
  • Anyone who wants to use coaching strategies to help another person grow, and who recognizes that coaching emotions requires additional skills and knowledge. 


  • Refunds requested within 48 hours of registering will be honored minus a $50 cancellation fee.
  • Up to 1 week beforehand, a one-time registration transfer can be made to an alternate participant or another learning experience. There is a $50 processing fee for all transfers.
  • Within one week of the learning experience registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • A missed learning experience is non-refundable and non-transferrable.
  • In the rare event that Bright Morning does not receive enough interest in this offering to host it as scheduled, we will provide an alternate learning pathway for all registrants or honor refunds for those who cannot join the alternate experience.

About the Instructor

Founder & CEO, Bright Morning Consulting Elena Aguilar

Elena has trained thousands of educators across the United States and abroad in transformational coaching. She is the author of six highly acclaimed books: The Art of Coaching, (2013) and The Art of Coaching Teams, (2016) Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in Educators (2018) and the Onward Workbook (2018), Coaching for Equity (2020), and the Art of Coaching Workbook (2020). Elena also is co-author of The PD Book: 7 Habits That Transform Professional Development (2022), where she and Lori Cohen share the most essential strategies for designing and leading equitable professional development. Elena’s expertise derives from twenty five years as a classroom teacher, instructional coach and leadership coach working in diverse school environments. In her role as a consultant, she has partnered with leaders in public and private organizations across the United States and abroad. Elena is also the co-founder of Kenya Big Picture Learning, and she’s on the advisory board of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. Elena lives in Oakland, California, with her husband, son, and two cats. When she’s not coaching or writing she enjoys traveling abroad, photographing birds, hiking, drinking coffee and reading fiction.